Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random April

Here are some random pictures that were on my camera from the first week of April.

Emma with Scotty. She wrapped him up in her pajama top. lol

Did y'all visit Google on April Fool's Day? They changed their name to Topeka. haha

We got our passports in the mail! yay!

I lost my ID at the end of January, so I had to get a new one so I could not only get my passport but my birth certificate as well.

ID $11
Birth certificate overnighted from California $40
Aaron's birth certificate $22
Passport photo $15 each =$30
Passport fees $100 each=$200
Total to get our passports $303

Knowing that the only thing holding up our trip was getting our passports and now we have them and get to spend two whole weeks in Europe....Priceless! ha!

Sara came home from school with new bunny ears.

Sara trying on the flower head band I made for Emma to wear on Easter.

And wearing the rest of the headbands as well. lol

That's it for random...next up is Easter pics!

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