Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Upcoming Europe Vacation

With our Europe trip only three weeks away, Aaron and I have been planning with great detail every day of our trip.

We are sooo excited to be going, it's all we can think about! We are really proud of ourselves too because we have worked hard to save up for our entire trip in only a couple of months. England and France, here we come!!

For now I will share with you the first few days of the trip since we have those completely planned out.

We are leaving Texas in the evening of May 2nd so we can land in London on May 3rd. Even though we are staying with Aaron's uncle while we are in London, he works a lot and we probably won't be seeing him that much.

That first day we are just going to explore the area on foot. His flat is near Hyde Park so we will probably go check it out. Then to the grocery store to get what we need for the next day because we are renting a car and heading out of London.

We will drive about two hours away to an area of England called The Cotswolds. It is said to be the prettiest are of England. When you think of pretty thatched roof cottages, that's the Cotswolds. It's actually the law that they have to keep the towns quaint.

Below is the town of Chipping Campden. One of the villages we will be visiting.

I want to move here, I love it!

After driving through the Cotswolds, we will drive two hours down to Bath to camp out for the night. Yep, camp out. We are actually bringing a tent on the plane with us to camp out in England and France.

Here is a picture of the campground property we will be staying at. The Newton Mill Holiday Park.

That night we plan on eating dinner at The George Inn. It is a restaurant that is over 700 years old!! It's been open since 1361!

When get up in the morning we will explore the city of Bath. I am looking forward to touring the Roman Baths. They look beautiful!

Another stop is Prior Park. It is just beautiful!

The Royal Crescent.

Bath Abbey, founded in 1499.

After spending the day in Bath we are heading to
in Glastonbury to camp out for the night. Look at that view!

We will be having dinner and a pint of ale at The Who'd A Thought It Inn in Glastonbury.

The last day of our "London Side Trip" we will actually be back tracking 15 minutes to the town of Wells. There we will be visiting the Wells Farmers Market to pick up some fresh fruits and breads for our lunch that day.

Then we will stop off for a tour at the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company to watch them making cheese and pick up some English cheddar for our picnic. My mom wants me to bring her back some bleu cheese.

We will stop by the Wells Cathedral. Construction began on the church in 1180. 1180!!

After leaving Wells, we are heading back to Glastonbury to visit the famous Glastonbury Tor. It should be quite the hike up it, but look at that view! I cannot wait to see it in person!

Glastonbury Abbey is in ruins but it is said that King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are buried here. There is a debate over whether or not King Arthur is real or not, but I'm a believer, so I am looking forward to seeing his final resting place!

Here is the Chalice Well. It is believed that Joseph of Arimathea washed or buried the holy grail in the well and it turned the water red to represent Jesus' blood. How cool is that?

The water is actually red because of the iron ore in it. Still a cool legend though.

After leaving Glastonbury we are headed to Stonehenge! This is where we will be having our picnic lunch before heading on to our next stop.

Old Sarum. For 4000 years it served as a fort and religious site. The Romans, Saxons and Normans have all left their mark there. This is our last stop before heading back to London.

So that is the plan for the first four days we are in England. We are staying in England for a total of 11 days before getting on a train to Paris on the 12th day, where we will spend two nights before flying home.

This is such a once in a lifetime adventure for me and Aaron and we could not be any more excited!!

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