Sunday, March 16, 2008

camping out

I took this pic of my children's really dirty feet yesterday while they were playing in the tent. It was funny to look out the window and see this...I had to be super quiet to sneak up on them and take the picture. lol

So Emma asked me if they could sleep in their tent last night. I said sure thinking that when it came down to it, they would be too scared to actually try and sleep in the backyard. No such luck. They were serious!

They took their blankets and pillows out there and all evening would come in and out of the house. They had no light outside and I didn't have the right size batteries for their new flashlight. But they still insisted on sleeping out there.

So Aaron and I get ready to go to bed and go out to check on them and they were sound asleep! I accidentally woke up Emma and asked her if she needed more blankets and she said "yes, thank you Mommy, thank you". Awww she is so sweet. So I brought them 2 more blankets and then a blanket to cover the bottom edge (it doesn't close). Emma had already put 2 blankets on top of the tent to make sure they stayed warm.

Aaron was not pleased with this at all. He stared out our bedroom window for like 20 minutes before he tried to go to sleep. He was cracking me up because he was being so overprotective. The coolest part was the fact that our dog Caleb stayed out there with them. Normally he sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed. When I had gone out to check on the girls he was sitting right by their tent and he stood up but wouldn't leave the spot.

Everytime we checked on the girls Caleb was right by the tent. He is such a good dog and I really proud of him. But, they didn't stay out there all night. Around 5 Sara woke up and wanted to come inside so she woke up Emma then crawled in bed with us. Emma made herself a bed on the couch (don't know why she didn't just get in her bed).

I don't think that it will be a regular habit. Aaron got a horrible night's sleep. He said that Caleb woke him up barking one time and then he got up 2 other times to check on the girl's. I told him just wait until they are teenagers and want to date! lol

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