Friday, March 14, 2008

We Moved

I have been holding off on posting about our move because I had no desire to blog whatsoever. What is adding to that is my camera batteries are almost completely dead and a piece of the charger came up missing. And it's $40 to replace. I will work that out soon....can't live without pictures.

So we moved 2 weeks ago. I am still nowhere near unpacking (it's soooooooo boring!). The movei tself was horrible! We rented a 26 foot truck, got our stuff out of storage, went to Budget Suites to get the rest of our stuff (but didn't put anything into the truck), decided to unload at the house then come right back, drove to Watauga (like 25 minutes away), unloaded half of our stuff.

Once we got to Watauga, we decided to load up Budget Suites the next day. Before we had left BS, we had left Anthony there to play on the computer. When we got back 4 hours later (and at 1o at night) he was still there!! Poor baby, I thought my mom was pciking him up and she thought he was with me. He didn't care, he got to play on the internet forever!

So we grabbed Anthony and our pillows and blankets and went to our new house. Then the next day, Ashley was supposed to help me finish packing and moving, but she didn't feel good so it was just me and Anthony. Aaron went ahead and came over to help and my mom came later to help us unload the truck at the new house. It actually took me and Anthony 7 hours to finish at BS.

Okay so we are unloaded, and I hook up my washing machine and dryer. My beautiful, wonderful, front loading washing machine....that doesn't work!! AHHHHHH!!!! So we have a 4 year warranty on it and I call Conn's and the soonest they can get anyone out is 5 days away. Fine. He came out , fixed it and told me that the machine wasn't getting any water out of one of the faucets.

So later that night I went next door (the owner's son lives next door) and told them that I need water to use my machine. So he comes over and starts fixing it. Well, whatever he was doing made water come up under the cabinets and it was leaking from under my fridge. I freaked out! We just bought the fridge when we moved in and I thought it was leaking. But no it wasn't and he fixed the problem with the water.

So about 2 hours later our toilet wouldn't flush and the water was backing into the bath tub! EWWWW So it was 9pm and we called the owner of the house and told him of the problem. He said that he would call me right back. An hour later we hadn't heard from him and decided to just go to bed, we didn't know what else to do. Then the owner showed up with a plumber! I thought that was so cool, what a nice guy to make sure it was taken care of. So they fixed that and it was roots in the pipes.

So 3 days later, my washing machine breaks again. I call Conn's 4 days wait to get someone out here. So when the guy comes out, it is working fine! This is so frustrating!! But he ordered a replacement part to make sure that it wouldn't keep happening. He's a nice guy and he is supposed to be out here later today to install it.

So for those of you who don't know me, I drive an old 1988 Jeep. I love my Jeep but she isn't running right and is sitting at Aaron's work. So we only have Aaron's car (a cute Saturn that someone gave us...yes literally gave us a car because they didn't want to hassle with changing the battery!!!)...well now the starter, struts and brakes are all going out! I don't know what the heck is going on with us, but we are just bad luck right now!

So there is our moving story. I have dreaded to bring up all this again but since I blog the smallest stuff, I couldn't leave out the big stuff. There, now I'm done...yay!

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