Saturday, March 15, 2008

finger puppets

Since I had to go to Frisco yesterday I went by Ikea. I got a bunch of cool stuff, but I will show you all that later once I have it put up in the girl's room.

But I had to take pictures of Sara and Aaron playing with the new finger puppets. They are so freakin cute! I got them both sets, one of sea animal and one of wild animals, plus a cute little green bag to put them in.

The sea animal set has a crab, octopus, squid, turtle, 2 fish, a whale, shark, seahorse and starfish. The wild animals set comes with a lion, panda, bear, parrot, moose, giraffe, monkey, frog, elephant and bird.

I found pictures on Ikea's website of the sets...and the bag I got to put them in. I picked a green bag because I am totally into green right now. But I want to go back and pick up a red and blue bag too since they are so soft and the girl's really like it.

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