Monday, March 31, 2008


So the girl's had a sleepover Saturday night. They invited Ashley, Kyle, Luke and MacKenzie over. All of the kid's had a really fun time.
Emma has such a cheeser smile here! lol
Sara, MacKenzie and Ashley decided to play fetch with Caleb in the backyard.

Then they decided to pick some flowers. They filled up a couple of bowls worth but decided they wanted to throw them away when they realized that along with the flowers, they brought spiders inside with them.
Sara and Emma in their "playhouse" aka their closet. It's huge and fits their kitchen, washer ad dryer, vanity plus some stools and a baby high chair!
My man Kyle.
Shelly trying to show Kyle how to bowl on the Wii.
After dinner the kid's got their jammies on and laid on my bed to watch Bee Movie. Emma was in the middle but traded Luke so she could have the beanbag.

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Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD of you, you are such a GOOD mother - almost everything you do is for your kids & I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH - you make me very PROUD that you are my daughter & I MISS YOU living close