Thursday, April 3, 2008

oral surgery

Went back to my oral surgeon today for a 2nd consultation. I went a year ago but didn't have the money to pay for my teeth to be taken out, so I had to go back again today. Yep, still have to have the same teeth out. lol

It's 3 wisdom teeth and one permanent tooth that has broken off. She said that my teeth look better now than they did last time and that my broken teeth on top have moved down some and that should make it easier. I have 2 harmless cysts in my sinus cavities (like golfball size, they are huge!) and one of the teeth was stuck up in one of the cysts and it looks like it has moved down so that is great.
So next Thursday at 9 am I get to have surgery. I am so looking forward to it, it's been a long time coming. I will be put totally under and loopy for like 24 hours. My mom is watching the kid's for me and my plan is to just sleep for those 24 hours. lol Maybe eat a ton of ice cream....and soup....just soft stuff.
So that's it. Oh yeah, it's been almost 7 months since I quit drinking soda, and my best friend Rachel is having her baby via scheduled c-section tomorrow. For the last one I was up at the hospital at 6 am or whatever hellishly early time it was....this time, I will be there around 2:30 pm on my way to Anthony's doctor's appointment.
I already advised her not to have anyone call me...I know you are having a baby, I know it's a boy, I know his name....I can find out time and weight and all that good stuff after I wake up at my normal time...really it's okay.

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