Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My little baker

Emma decided to help me bake little mini loaves of banana bread and pumpkin bread. She was just a helper for the pumpkin bread but decided that she could do it all by herself for the banana bread. I just stood back and took pictures while she followed the instructions and made it.

The bread was baking so she relaxed with Caleb.

The finished product! We ended up with 4 mini loaves of each kind.

Emma decided she wanted to take a loaf to each of her teachers (she has two). So I helped her with the packaging.

I love my new scrapbooking rub-ons!

I already had the tag made (I had tested out some of the new stamps my mom bought me), and I went ahead and embellished a couple of binder clips real quick and tada!

I really liked how they turned out. I love packaging things into brown paper bags. I think for Thanksgiving we will bake some more breads and give them to the different people at the school that the girls interact with...librarian, office staff, P.E. coach, nurse, etc. We really love their school and we want to show them how much we appreciate them!

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