Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freddie the frog

Sara was chosen to be the leader in her class yesterday so she got to bring home Freddie the frog! Freddie came with a notebook for you to write a story about all of the fun stuff Freddie got to do while visiting your house.

Here is Sara and Freddie having an after school snack.

Sara wanted to show Freddie her bunk bed.

Sara made Freddie lots of tasty treats with her play food.

Freddie went for a ride with Sara, mommy and daddy to pick up Emma from Girl Scouts. After dinner, Freddie rode along with everyone to go to church.

After church mommy read Emma, Sara and Freddie a bed time story.

All tucked into bed!

Look who I found in my bed this morning!

All ready to go back to school.

Bye Freddie the frog, hope you come back and see us again!!

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