Friday, September 18, 2009

new fall scarves

A couple of weeks ago I came across a children's scarf on etsy that I fell in love with but I couldn't order right away. So I saved it in my favorites and on Friday I went back and hoped that it would still be there, and it was! I thought it would be perfect for Emma.

But since I have two girls I needed two scarves, but I didn't want them to be exactly the same. So on Friday I contacted the shop owner Amanda and asked her if she could make a scarf for Sara with the colors I wanted. Right away she messaged me back with three pictures of coordinating fabrics for me to choose from.

I picked my fabrics and she told me that she had to order the fabric, I told her no worries, it's Texas and still warm. Yeah, I got my scarves in the mail today. Today! Exactly one week after I contacted her!!! Talk about fast!

Here are the pictures from her shop that she was nice enough to email to me so I could post them here. Be sure to check out her shop, made just for me. It's lovely!!

Here is Emma's scarf.

And here is Sara's. I asked her for pink, green and blue. What do you think? I see pink, green and blue!

And here is little Miss Emma modeling it. Did I mention it has super soft, warm and fuzzy chenille on the opposite side? Well it does!

Here is Sara in her scarf. She keeps folding it up and carrying it around with her.

Right now there is a super cute Amy Butler fabric scarf in her shop I have my eye on, but I'm holding out to see what else she is gonna be putting in her shop before I order....a scarf for myself that is!

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