Friday, February 4, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

Happy 2011!!

For New Years Eve this year we went down to visit friends in Houston. Our friends Kristen and Daniel live two minutes away from our house but they also have a house in Houston so they have a place to stay when visiting Daniel's family.

Anyways...we didn't make it to their house until 2 am though because Aaron had to work and we just got a slow start.

Here is the first pic taken in Houston. As soon as we got there I got our beds made up...we all (including kids) stayed up until 5 am!!

The bonfire! Their house is on three acres out in the country, which the kids loved!


Emma in her new jammies! She also has a matching pillowcase I made her, which I will post about later.

Sara watching the fire at 3 am!

Daniel was taking pics of the fire and I told him to take a pic of me as I took a pic of him! We are so silly!

See what I mean by silly!

Emma's penguin pillow pet got in on the party!

Kristen's niece Steph! I was friends with her mother in high school and introduced her parents to each other. Although they are no longer together, look what came of that...this beautiful young lady here!!

January 1, 2011


Spencer loves his daddy Jeff!

January 3, 2011

We stayed two nights before driving back to Dallas. The kids loved the cows on the property next door. They wanted to pet them but the cows wouldn't come close enough.

Walt and Misty's daughter Ava.

Walt and Misty's daughter Noa....she is so darn cute!!

Jeff and Aaron just lounging around.

Kristen's son Ethan.

Emma would NOT change out of her pj top!

All three of them were playing Angry Birds on their phones!

I tried to get a picture of the Sam Houston statue on the way home. I would have stopped but....

The girls were knocked out!!

Next time we make the trip down there we will stop and get better pics!

We did however stop at a truck stop so we could have Carl's Jr. for dinner. Texas is finally getting more locations, but I grew up with Carl's Jr. in California and when I see one, I have to stop!

The girls had been saving up change and decided to spend it to buy themselves some stuffed animals!

Well that was our New Years.

For this year (2011), Aaron and I will be staying in a suite at the W Hotel with some friends and enjoying a NYE celebration overlooking Victory Park in Dallas...maybe hit up the Ghost Bar. I'm excited!!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe NYE!!

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