Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day February 4, 2011 3:30 am

This week of being snowed/iced in has really messed up my sleeping schedule. Not to mentio nI have a nasty sinus infection that keeps me congested, which makes it hard to sleep.

So....I decided to go outside at 3:30 am and take pictures of the snow falling.

Here is our house...I love that you can see the snowflakes!

This is our street. I love this neighborhood! It is so quiet and peaceful, and I love all of the houses! My neighbor next door was actually the guy who built all of these houses back in the 80's.

Our driveway in the back of the house is way too icy to park in back, so here is our van covered in snow!

This is the spot where I slipped on the ice underneath the snow and busted it. Oops! I didn't get hurt but man that was cold!

Finn came into the back yard with me. I wanted to get a good snow pic of him but he just wanted to play!

Well, I hope that everyone is safe and staying warm until this nasty weather is over!!


Pamela said...

So beautiful snow pics are! I wish we had gotten some but all we got was ice.

Cortni said...

That's too bad...we only had one good day of snow, the rest of the time it was ice.