Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Pics at the Park

After the 2nd snow, which was much thicker and prettier than the snow earlier in the week, I took the girls to the park to take some cute Valentine's snow pics. I love how they turned out!


The girls thought it would be fun to wrestle around in the snow. As a grown-up I must say that rolling around in cold, wet snow does not sound like fun.

I love this pic! It looks like they are punching each other when they are just trying to block each others attempt at getting snow in their face!

I love my girls!!


Pamela said...

So beautiful they are!!! These pics are great and I love the fact that you have your cat on a leash!:) I use t take our cat for walks but yeah she was not thrilled with that so it ended quickly!:) Just wanted to let ya know I have NOT forgotten to send out your goodies!! We have just been very sick here so I will get them out to you by weeks end!!

Cortni said...

I understand!

Thanks about the pics...yeah my kids are so strange, they take the cat to the park every day on a leash.

Laraine Eddington said...

What a fun snow day. Your girls are darling.

Pamela said...

Thanx for your input! Also your Paula goodies should be there any day now!:)