Friday, February 4, 2011

Poker Game January 2011

We had our first poker game of 2011 this past weekend on January 29th, which also happened to be my cousin Anthony's 25th birthday!

Anthony was my favorite younger cousin and I used to babysit him all of the time. In fact, I liked him so much I named my son after him!

They made it a $20 buy-in and everyone that came was pretty serious about trying to win!

We have this extra room in our house and wasn't sure what to do with it so it is now our game room. I love our new poker table. It seats 10 and the kids love playing games on it.

You can't have guests over without food, right?! I made artichoke parmesan dip with crackers and fiesta ranch dip with chips.

My mom gave me this condiment caddy and I LOVE it!! It came with ceramic spoons for each pepper and the smaller peppers rotate around the middle bell pepper.

I made my chili and corn bread as the main meal. Everyone really enjoyed it, but it took forever to get it ready to eat! Next time I will go a lot more simple.

One of Aaron's oldest friends, Chris.

The birthday boy himself, my cousin Anthony!

My friend Shannon came by with her son and daughter, who both totally get along with my kids. Here is her daughter Samantha playing Go Fish with Emma once the poker game was finished.

Aaron failed to pick up a chocolate cake mix for my cousin, who requested I had to improvise and make a rum cake instead!

And I also didn't have any birthday candles on hand so I had to use one of my mini Bath & Body Works candles!! lol

Happy Birthday!!

We plan on hosting a poker game every month. For the past three years we have lived at least 45 minutes from everyone so it was hard to get together. Now that we live in the same town, it is so much easier!!

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