Friday, November 16, 2007

my day

I was looking for child size baseball caps today and I drove over to Hobby Lobby (which isn't that close anymore since they moved it). I found what I was looking for and picked up some felt to get going on tea party cookies for Brown Bag Bows. I even got red and green to do Christmas cookies.

Anyway, on there way there I did a quick stop at the light at FM 1171 and FM 2499 before making a right turn and boom there was a cop. I had stopped at the light even though it was a quick stop and sure enough he pulled me over. When he got up to my car I didn't even give him a chance to talk... I told him "I stopped back there. It was a quick stop but I still stopped". He laughed and said "yep I can't argue that, you stopped at the light. But I thought you're inspection said July and not November and so I pulled you over by mistake!" Can you imagine that! The crazy part is that I don't have a license and surely would have gotten a ticket! My license is expired and I completely forgot to renew it is all. Note to self: renew license!!

The next exciting business of the day was getting a family membership at Lifetime Fitness. Have you ever been in that place? Amazing! It is so cool. I had toured the one in Plano before but I thought that it was way too expensive to join. Aaron has been wanting to work out somewhere that is open 24 hours and I have no desire to join 24 Hour Fitness (had been members years ago).

So since the Flower Mound location was on my way home from Hobby Lobby I stopped by and took a tour. The kid's area is awesome and I love the indoor pool with 2 story loopy waterslide for the kids. That pool (they have 3) has a beach entry and I love that for Sara. I also like that I can go grab a basketball and play with the kids when I want.

I was on my way to the Colleyville location for yoga tonight but I got stuck in traffic by Grapevine Mills Mall and missed it. That was disappointing. The 3 area of interest to me are yoga, water aerobics and cycle. With my ankle the way it is and how bad it swells up, I have to have low-impact exercises. They even have hydro cycle where you do cycling in the water! lol

Aaron will work out at the Colleyville location and I will go to Flower Mound. The best part of that for us is that it is right up the street from the Flower Mound library!

Anyways, you can take a tour on their website, go check it out!

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