Sunday, November 25, 2007

weather and the northwest

I know that most people probably prefer nice warm sunny weather but I love rainy days. The first thing everyone says when I say that I want to move to Seattle is "do you like rain?", with a laugh of course. Well, I hate to break it to you but it actually rains more in Dallas than it does in Seattle.

They have a lot of misty mornings and I guess that accounts for a lot of it. The week that Aaron and I were there in February it was predicted to rain all week. We were there for 6 days and it only rained the morning we left, although it was misty every morning we were there.

I prefer cold weather over hot. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I would love to live somewhere where they have real seasons. It should start getting chilly in September, October at the latest! It's been warm here up until Thanksgiving's just not right!

Although I do not want to live where it snows (been there, done that-N. Dakota), but I would like the snow close enough to visit it.

Everyone seems to have this negative opinion about Washington. Growing up in California, Washington feels more like home. I say this although I do not like could not pay me to live there again (well unless it's San Francisco ;) I don't know why people dislike the Northwest so much. But here is my thoughts on it...

If North Texas is where you dream to live, wow how sad are you! If you get all warm and fuzzy about being here, please seek help!

Washington has the mountains (I'm a mountain person, I always have been), the ocean, SEASONS! People there are more laid back and sooo nice. Seriously, we were a little scared at how helpful and friendly the people there were. Something we just aren't used to here in Texas. And how funny is that since Texans really pride themselves on hospitality. I guess I'm just in the wrong part of the state!

So I hope that you enjoy the next week or more of this weather (that's the prediction on because I AM LOVING IT!!!!!! By the way, Seattle's weather is a little better than ours this week! lol

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