Tuesday, November 13, 2007


First off let me say that I always feel like a dork for having to name my post. I wish they didn't have that on there. Oh well.

On to savings! I went to Tom Thumb and Kroger yesterday with my coupon binder to see how much I could save. At Tom Thumb I had extra things in the cart so it threw me off when the price rang up and it wasn't as low as I had hoped. But I did get 3 bottles of laundry soap for only $1.50 each! You gotta love that!

At Kroger I did much better. Even though most of the prices on Teri's list were not correct. This is what I bought:

2 4 lb bags dog food
2 cans dog food
1 lean Hot Pocket
1 gallon chocolate milk
1 4 pack pickles (they are lunch bag size, so cute)
2 Lawry's Garlic Salt

and the grand total for all of it was $12! That was pretty cool to me!

Next week I will be a little more prepared since I just started back doing it and need to build up my coupons.

Oh yeah, gotta love the CVS Extra Bucks too. I had a CVS cash register coupon for $2.50 off pain reliever and $3.00 in Extra Bucks and I got some Ibuprofen free.

Now today I am going to Walgreens to see how much money I can save there!

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