Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treating

The focus on my camera has been messing up so these are the best picture that I have from last night. Me and my best friend Rachel took the kids trick or treating.

Emma was supposed to be a witch and I made her an awesome witch's hat, but at the last minute she changed her mind and decided that she wanted to be a kitty. OK. Then Sara was supposed to be a puppy but I lost her puppy ears! I had them made 2 weeks ago and I put them up so the kid's wouldn't lose them and I lost them! lol Anthony went as Zabuza from Naruto.

The kids had a great time and it was soooo nice outside!! We even got to go in a haunted house!

Here I am with the kids before trick ot treating.
My pretty kitty's!
I LOVE this picture!! I tried to take it 3 times before I got it because everytime Emma put her hand on Anthony's neck she would squeeze it and he was getting so mad at her! But they look like sweet siblings dont they? lol

He looks too grown up here!
Sara and Jacob holding hands to stay together!
His Naruto pose

All of the kids taking a break

Auntie Rachel with Anthony...sadly, this is the best shot I got of them posing together because Anthony wouldn't quit looking around!

The outside of the haunted house. They would bring a small group in at a time and give you a short spooky tour. Michael Myers even came out to say hi! While we were waiting in line a news helicopter flew over and shined his light down on us so we waved like crazy!
A blow up was lit and made cool!!
The pictures got out of order...this was on the lawn of the haunted house.

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