Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Princess Strawberry Shortcake

Sara's birthday is in a week and we are going to McDonald's. Simple and cheap! I still have to go and get her birthday presents but at least we know what we are getting her.

For her birthday theme Sara had wanted poodles with a pink and black Paris backdrop, but the only place to get the plates for them was at BirthdayExpress.com and I didn't have time to order them. I had even found cute handmade invites on ebay to go with it.

But since we couldn't do those, I took her to Party City and she went with Princess Strawberry Shortcake. It is actually pretty darn cute! She only has a few friends invited so it should be fun. I can't find a cute Strawberry Shortcake cake, so I might be going with cupcakes that I make myself.

For favors I am making surprise balls. I am making my kids some for Christmas but I think they would be super cute for the party. Here is a link that explains them better than I could.

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