Sunday, December 16, 2007

more Webkinz

After I got home I started looking around at the Webkinz site and decided that I really wanted one for myself. So I went and picked up my mom (we had to go to Target to return the brown lab I bought earlier). We went to the mall and I had her go to Libby Lu to see them all and she let me pick one out for myself. So I picked the elephant. It is soooo cute! And I am soooo spoiled! (Love you mom)
After Libby Lu we went to Bath & Body Work and there she bought me a purse filled with full sized products! It looks like this but it's tan and not dark brown. It came with a lotion, hand cream, shower gel and spray. Plus a free sample of a perfume. The scent is Sweet Pea. She isn't giving it to me until Christmas though....bah humbug! Even after begging her, she won't let me have the Webkinz code early either! lol
Oh yeah....I made Aaron promise to get me the husky Webkinz for Valentine's Day. It's so cute! Anthony is going to love it. I already plan on getting Emma the brown Arabian horse and Sara the terrier is I can find it. Anthony would probably like the frog or the racoon. Also on my list are the polar bear, the seal, the panda bear and the hippo. Just what I needed....another obsession!!

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