Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm so bored

Seriously, the last 3 days have been soooo boring! There is absolutely nothing to do during the day. I hate daytime tv so that's out. I am going to start school on Monday. I can't take the boredom anymore and have to keep myself busy doing something during the day.

The last 2 nights Aaron came home from work and asked me when I was going to take down the Christmas tree. I'm not I told him. I guess I will today, it will give me something to do. I bought myself a game from I love that website, games are only $6.99. It's called Wedding dash but I've almost beat it.

I was going to make hair bows last night but I couldn't find my lighter to heat seal the ends. Bought one this morning so there is always that. Emma and Sara pretty much entertain themselves and play together so they could care less what I do.

If I had known it was going to be this way I would have checked some books out of the library for myself. Or rented a movie. Man this sucks.

I even called my sis in law Nicole this morning because I was bored and needed entertainment. But, she wasn't all that entertaining, so the call was short. Well.....I guess I will go find something to do because now this is boring me.

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