Sunday, December 16, 2007


On my Christmas list for the girl's are Webkinz. They are cute little (and I mean little) stuffed animals that come with a code for you to go online and play in the little Webkinz world where you shop and work and play with your pet. I had never heard of them until recently and thought that the girl's would like them. They love stuffed animals. Emma is a horse girl and Sara is a puppy girl.

Last night I look through the Target ad and they have Webkinz on sale for only $12.99. Awesome. Not to mention the fact that they also had the My Little Pony Teapot Palace playset on sale for $19.99 (reg. $29.99) and that was already on my list for Sara. So I can kill two birds with one stone, I set my alarm for 8 am.

I get to Target around 8:30 and quickly find the Webkinz display, only to find that they pretty much only have dogs. Well that works for Sara but I wanted a horse for Emma. I picked up 3 dogs (last minute decided to get Anthony one) and go home. At Target I found a pink poodle for Sara, Husky for Emma (now it's for Anthony) and a brown lab.

I start calling Hallmark to see if they carry horses, they don't answer. I call the Limited Too...they have the horses! So off I go to the mall. I get there 30 minutes before they open....ahhhhh!!!! What the heck am I gonna do for 30 minutes? I walked up and down the mall both ways then sat on a bench and started texting Nicole.

Stores open and I do a quick run through of the Disney Store (I am never going in there again by the way.......I want EVERYTHING)....then I head off to Limited Too. I have never been in there so I look around for awhile and find a horse. It's a cute little horse too. Head over to Libby Lu. Again, a store I have never been in. They have Webkinz too. Plus they are 25% off. Plus they have the clydesdale Emma had seen online and wanted. Back to Limited Too to return the first horse I bought and then back to Libby Lu for the clydesdale. I got to the mall at 9:30 and left at 11. I am sooooo tired!!

But at least I have a Webkinz for all 3 kids :)

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