Monday, February 8, 2010

Homemade Valentines

This year we decided to go the route of handmade valentine's for the girls classes. I was at Michael's a few weeks ago and saw the cutest stickers and chipboard valentine animals and picked them for the girls.

I also grabbed some valentine colored cardstock, heart stickers (some are super cute glitter foam heart stickers that I love) and heart doilies. The glitter and glitter glue I already had. Have I ever told you how much I love glitter glue? I do. It makes everything so sparkly, shiny and pretty without being messy like regular glitter. ahhhh glitter glue, my love.

Ok ok, back to the valentines. It definitely was not cheaper than buying pre-packaged valentines with cartoon characters on them. It probably cost me in the area of $20 to get everything that I wanted. It doesn't have to be that way though. Some paper and stickers is all you really need. But I like to go all out, I'm just wired that way, simple just ain't my thing.

The girls opted out of using the kitchen table for their creations. Instead they turned over the box that our new computer came in. Did I mention we got a new computer? I will tell you about it later.

So here they are, I made them take a bath and get into their jammies first...then they were ready to spread some love to their friends and make valentines.

Look at those stickers! Soooooo cute!

The cardstock did not come this way. It came as regular sheets that I carefully measured, marked and cut for them. All in all it made 50 cards. I obviously love my girls....because that was a pain!

The animals...aren't they adorable?!?!?!?! They all have glitter accents on them and I really wanted to just keep them to someday down the line make something for the girls with them. But they really wanted to give them to their friends.

Glittery foam heart stickers.

These are the chipboard pieces that came with the animals. I thought it was pretty cool that they all had glitter on them.

Some of their finished cards. Don't you love all of that glitter? I thought it was possible to have too much glitter on something but I was wrong.

The plate was to shake off the excess glitter.

Can you see Sara's tongue sticking out the side of her mouth? lol She was really concentrating!

Sara's teacher loves frogs so this is her valentine.

My favorite one of Emma's.

This one is for Emma's teacher. Emma loves her teacher so much, she is always wanting to do nice things for her. But her teacher is a real sweetheart and loves Emma to death. For Christmas she gave Emma a red scarf and glove set that Emma adores.

So that is just the start. At the rate of 7 an hour, they are going to have to make a few every night to have them all ready for Friday.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Their school valentine dance is this Friday and their 2nd annual valentine slumber party is Saturday. Sunday is Valentine's Day of course and I have tons of goodies for the kids I have been collecting and saving for the last month.

Plus Sunday is also Chinese New Year, it's the year of the tiger! I love it, can't wait!

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