Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed again here in Texas! This time is was several inches and the kids were so excited this morning. The quickest way to wake your kids up in the morning is to tell them to look outside at the snow. Trust me, they jump right up and get dressed so they can get outside to play in it! lol

Here is our car...I made Aaron take the picture so I wouldn't have to go outside. Love my hubby!

Today is going to be a busy day at work for Aaron so he took the kids to school for me. He went and started the car this morning to warm it up and then ran it out of gas!! Luckily there is a gas station right behind the house across the street so he didn't have to go far.

Just as they were about to leave Sara slipped and fell so we did a quick pants and socks change before they headed off to school.

Anthony was the least excited about the snow. He doesn't like to be cold!

I love the way snow looks in trees.

This is our backyard.

Even the little birdhouse is covered in snow!

From where I'm sitting I can look into the backyard and there are huge snowflakes falling. It is so pretty.

In a way it makes me miss living up in North Dakota. But also not. Here is a picture of the highway outside the little town I used to live in. It was the last time they had a blizzard. Could you imagine?!

It's supposed to snow all day so I am sure I will have more pics to post once the kids get home from school. See ya later!

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