Monday, February 8, 2010

new pc

We went three months with no cable or internet and just when we finally got it back, our computer crashed!

So we spent about three days checking out different stores for the best deal. We are pretty big fans of Hewlett Packard so it was just about finding the best one to fit our needs.

We went with the HP model 6330f. It comes with Windows 7, Intel core i-3 530 processor,6G SDRAM, 1 Terabyte (!) hard drive and we went with a 24 inch widescreen monitor.

Here is the monitor on our tiny little writing desk. It's huge! You kind of have to sit back a little because it is right in your face. When we move this summer we will get a computer desk that allows for the monitor to be set back a little.

And Anthony happened to come and talk to me when I took the picture of the monitor so I took a picture of him real quick. Isn't he cute?!

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Fran said...

yes he is adorable !!!!