Monday, February 22, 2010

PBR Iron Cowboy Invitational

Sometimes I really love that my husband works for Papa Johns. And that Jerry Jones owns a part of Papa Johns. And that we live 20 minutes away from the new Cowboys Stadium!

Aaron was able to get us tickets to the 2010 PBR Iron Cowboy Invitational this past Saturday at Cowboys Stadium. It was so much fun! The kids all enjoyed it, even though it lasted pretty late (almost midnight).

This isn't the huge 72 feet (or something like that) screen you hear about at the stadium. This is the huge screen on the side of it. lol

We got there early but by the time the event started, most of the seats at the stadium were full. That is a LOT of people!

Gary Allan sang for over an hour. I have to say that I did not enjoy that part. I wanted it to end but it just dragged on. It would have been fine and enjoyable if they didn't have the sound up so loud. Seriously, it was hurting my ears and it made me all cranky.

Me and my baby Emma.

Sara Bear.

They wanted you to know it was NOT a rodeo! It was just pure bull riding!!

They poured gasoline on the dirt and set off some pyrotechnics.

It was pretty darn cool.

Jerry Jones came out and greeted each bull rider as they announced them.

The "let's get ready to rumble" guy!! I was most excited to see him. Seriously, it made my day! lol

The video of him saying his signature line is at the bottom of this post.

A couple of the bull riders came out on motorcycles and jumped a ramp.

Joe Nichols sang the National Anthem. He was so good, I loved his voice. (I wish he could have opened)

The clown was hilarious. He came out and entertained us while they had commercial breaks.

This is how close we were to the chutes where the bull riders came out. Only 4 rows up!

Justin McBride came out and sang a few songs. I really liked him too. Plus he is pretty easy on the eyes. wink wink

Code Blue. The final bull.

Here is Valdiron de Oliveira taking the final ride that won him the title 2010 Iron Cowboy.

You see that guy in the left corner with the black hat and red shirt on? Oh my, he was my favorite. Look at that smile. That is Guilherme Marchi and he is the 2008 PBR World Champion. And he is H-O-T. Don't worry, I let Aaron know this as well. He just rolled his eyes at me. lol

There he is, my handsome hubby!

Nice little check there, don't ya think?

Video of the "let's get ready to rumble guy"

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