Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random February Things

Sometimes pictures on my camera slip by me and I don't get them here they are!

We made some cute treats for Valentine's Day. They are chocolate covered marshmallows with cute valentine sprinkles. I got the idea from Dawn's blog. Thanks for sharing these Dawn!

I made Anthony some s'mores treats. I just covered them in crushed graham crackers...voila! Instant s'mores!

Okay...onto other things. I went to Walmart a couple of days ago and bought the kids all of their Easter treats. They are safely hidden until it's Easter (over a month away)! But I did give them their mini gumball machines I bought. They are so adorable!!

My tussie mussies. Nope, I'm not getting married least not until September 2011 when Aaron and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and renew our vows.

When we move this summer I plan on redecorating our room in a french shabby chic look. The colors I'm using are white, cream, black and a light turquoise blue. Well, I thought that these would fit in perfectly.

There is an antique shop near my house that I absolutely love. It's called Golightly's and it's just a beautifully put together store. There is always lots of inspiration there. I did not buy this calender the other day but I think I might go back for it. I love the bird!

I did buy these however. They were on sale and although I have no idea what I will use them for other than just decorations, I'm okay with that.

I also picked up this iron cross for only $7!!

After Golightly's I went over to a candle shop and bought some wax tarts for my burners. And then I decided that it was too expensive to keep buying wax tarts from someone else and I went online and ordered my own wax.

I chose high cotton, lavender vanilla and angel wings scented oils to scent my soy wax. I should have them in a few days...and I will begin my candle crafting hobby!

I was browsing around etsy and came across a shop selling these cute Toy Story alien earrings! Anthony told me I should buy them and the matching necklace to wear when we go see the new Toy Story movie coming out in June. I can't wait!

The shop also had this....Little Twin Stars. When I was a little girl I had a ton of Little Twin Stars stuff. Everyone else had Hello Kitty but I loved LTS!

Found these in another shop. In case y'all didn't know it, my maiden name is O'Brien so St. Patrick's Day is kinda my thing. I love being Irish!

So that is it for is a cleaning day for me, tomorrow night I am taking the kids out to celebrate Chinese New Year and Saturday we are going to the rodeo, so I will have lots to blog then!!

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