Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebration of Will

Will's viewing was Tuesday night and Aaron & I went. I can't believe how many people came. Some I hadn't seen in over 8 years! I hope that it bring's Will's family comfort knowing that he was loved by so many people.

After the viewing everyone went to Kristen's to hang out and catch up. Kristen and Will have a beautiful little girl, Katie, together. We left at 2 am and there were still tons of people there.

Will's funeral was Wednesday and it was beautiful. The church was packed with people, they had to add seats to the back as more and more people came in, which didn't surprise me. It was said that people dropped everything in their lives to be there and it's true.

His grave is in the perfect spot, under a tree. I've always told Aaron that I wanted to be buried under a tree and when he saw that Will was under a tree he knew it was a good spot. At least by my standards.

From the cemetary we went to Will's parents house for just a bit. Then we met up with everybody at El Chico's. What was supposed to be "about 20" ended up being over 50 and took up a whole section of the restaurant. I don't think that anybody wanted to leave each other that day.

From there Aaron and I went to Aaron Buhler's house for awhile and then over to the Goforth house. The guys made a big circle to play hackey sack and they seemed to play forever. We didn't leave there until after 8 pm. I made sure I told people I loved them. Kind of paranoia now I guess. Making sure people know how I feel.

This week has been so sad but happy too. It really has been a celebration of Will. People laughing, joking, catching up and telling their Will stories. Lost friends came back. Mended relationship's.

I don't think Will could have ever guessed how his death would affect this group and bring them closer. And I hope that everyone will try a little harder to keep in touch and make an effort to really be in each other's lives.

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