Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School 2008!

Well today was the day for the kid's first day of school! Everything went really smooth. Sara couldn't wait to start; she just sat at the table waiting for Emma and Anthony to get there.

Here is my middle schooler!! Only two more years until high school (yikes!)
Little Miss Emma started First Grade today! She is mad that she can't stay in Kindergarten. lol

And my baby is in Kindergarten. I wanted to cry, she is growing up. I don't care if we homeschool, your first day of Kindergarten is still your first day of Kindergarten!

Checking out their new pencil boxes and the stuff inside.

She loves her orange scissors. I'm not sure why, but she was very excited about them.

I don't know why the boy has to smile like that! Drives me crazy!

Language Arts- making letter patterns.

His choice to sit on the floor like this, strange boy, doing his writing assignment. He actually liked it and Anthony avoid's writing at all cost! He is using Writing Strands 3 in case you are wondering what miracle writing curricula got the boy to write!

Emma making letter patterns. This part was in her language arts book but it was too easy for her. yay

Math. I gave them too many worksheets today. By the time they had done 6 out of 8 pages they were over it. Whining = time to move on!

Science. This is their Weather Log Book. Well, the 2nd page of it anyways. We are studying weather this month (Sept. too).

Each girl got a sticker book to put stickers in when they are done with each subject.

Lunch time!! Yep they got coming in the next post!

Anthony doing his math. We had a discussion about how we both hate math, but it has to be done. He was good about it and breezed through his assignment.

The girl's finished first and Sara came to sit with me and Anthony on the couch.

Anthony reading his science book.

My cool book organizer. hehehe Yep, it's my laundry basket. And it worked great to hold everything I needed for today. Note to self: pick up a new laundry basket because this one isn't going anywhere!


Helen said...

What a great first day!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I love the beginning of a school year! Everything is so fresh...and organized.

If only I could stay that way! :-)

I had some reading to do to catch up with you...hadn't been here in a've been busy!

I also had to keep reading to find out what in the WORLD a bentos was! hee hee