Monday, August 18, 2008

coloring buddy

Aaron is the girl's coloring buddy. He was not pleased that I took a picture of him coloring a pretty little horsey in the girl's coloring book. hehehe He certainly did not want me to blog it. But I had to, I just can't resist. Not every daddy is a coloring buddy.

Here's a closer look at his picture. I had to snap it quick because I was being pushed out of the room for bringing my camera in there.

I think it's sweet that Aaron is like that. He is such a huge sucker when it comes to the girl's. Especially Emma. That girl has him wrapped around her little finger....and she knows it!

Sara was so excited to learn that Aaron has the day off today. The first thing she said when her told her was "goody, you can color with me!" lol

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said... thweet! I have always said that it takes a special kind of man to be a good daddy to little girls. Good for him! And them!