Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crossing Over

My sis in law Nicole goes to Northwood University and they have this Crossing Over ceremony where they become "Knights" (the school mascot) and it was last night so me and the girls went.

Of course it was also the TX OU game (we lost) so I had to dress them accordingly! For Sara that meant the largest hair bows I could make! lol You can tell who is my girly girl and who is my tomboy!

So here are the girls with Nicole in her dorm room.

Here is Nicole just after she crossed the bridge and became a Knight.
Her with her friend Keenan dressed up for the Homecoming dance.
Sara and Nicole
Nicole with her friends about to leave for the dance.
We had fun. We stayed late and the girls started getting cranky bu I'm glad that I went. In a couple of weeks they are doing a haunted forest and I'm leaving the girls home for that one! lol

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