Sunday, October 21, 2007

making costumes

Today my mom and I drove all over the place shopping for costume stuff. I was desperately looking for orange tulle and JoAnn's in Lewisivlle had it. The one in Hurst didn't have it the last time I was there so I didn't ahve much hope of finding it. Walmart had the sparkly purple tulle I needed so EMma is getting an orange and purple tulle skirt for her witch's costume. I also got the white fur I needed for Sara's puppy costume. Hopefully I can get it all done tonight and be ready for halloween.

My mom and I also checked out what we wanted to get the kids for Christmas. My kid's are very spoiled when it comes to Christmas but they are great kids so they deserve it. I always had good Christmas' growing up and so I want them to have the same. My mom wants to get Sara the cutest baby doll. It's a Baby Alive doll ($50!) and she really eats and drinks and yes, it comes back out! lol I think it's cute and Sara will really like it. They even have pouches of food and juice mixes you get for her.

Well I've got to get busy making that tutu for Emma! I love my girl's....they are beautiful and I am so lucky to be their Mommy!!

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