Saturday, October 13, 2007

Emma's Witch Hat

Emma wants to be a witch for Halloween again. For the 4th year in a row (she's only 7). I saw this pretty witch hat at Walmart that had black tulle and black flowers with black feathers. It was so pretty but it was also $10! So I decided to make her a hat myself!

What is actually kind f neat is that I asked all 3 kids if they wanted me to buy them a costume at Walmart or make them a costume and all 3 want me to make them a costume. Well isn't that flattering? I have been making their costumes for the most part since they were little.

My mom bought Emma a really cute witch hat from the 99 cent store. The cute part was this black spiderweb material that hangs down from it. So this is what the hat looked like before I started.

The spiderweb fabric.
I cut off the orange band that went around the hat. Then I added purple tulle, orange flowers, feathers and some spiders. This is the front view of the hat.
This is the side view. It looks so cool when the hat is on. And even though the blue feathers are indeed blue, they blend in with the purple tulle really well. I think it's the way the camera picks up the color that makes it look so bright.
Don't the colors just pop?!
Emma wearing it, with her head down. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this hat!!

Now I also made Sara some puppy ears for her costume but I want to make little puppy bows before I take a pic. She is going as a black and white puppy like Caleb. And Anthony is going as Zabuza from Naruto.

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