Friday, October 12, 2007

a new obsession

I love books. I love to read. I find that I rarely have time for it anymore, but when I get a chance I pick up a book and read as much as I can before the kids find me and distract me.

So I was browsing around the Homeschool Blogger site at different blog and came across a book giveaway. The book was from a publishing company I had never heard of before so I decided to check out their website. I was in heaven!!

Their books are beautiful!! Some are whimsical and I love whimsical. The illustrations are magnificent. And the best part is, you can actually join up with them to sell their books!

Now if you don't homeschool, you are probably not as familiar with people selling books from home. Tons of people are signed up to sell Usborne books and that is great because they are fantastic books. I enjoy them, my kids enjoy them, you totally get to learn while having fun.

But these books don't have a lot of sellers and that is a plus. I love the idea of getting in on something before it blows up in popularity. We were all over organic stuff and then boom!!! It was everywhere and now everyone is so eco-chic.

I won't sign up to sell until February, but I am so excited. These books speak for themselves in their beauty and quality and it's easy to sell something you are passionate about. I'm not giving up my etsy shop or my hair bows and other stuff. Not at all...this is just going to be an extension of that. I mean, I tried to stay away from making stuff until after the holidays and I just couldn't stay away and listed some stuff on etsy! lol

Back to books.....I really enjoy reading to my kids and in my line of work, it's a must. So why not? Right? Right!

Finally, here is the link to the website so you can see these awesome books I have been rambling on about :)

Bare Foot Books""

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