Friday, October 19, 2007

my friday

So this is what my hand looks like today. It hurts if you touch it. Sara was sitting with her feet on my lap and her little Converse scraped across it and it burned so bad!!

This morning Emma had an appointment at the public school to be tested for learning disorders. I did not realize that it would take 2 hours!! Me, Anthony and Sara just sat in the office bored for the entire time!

We aren't used to be up so early and Emma only co-operated for so long so the diagnostician decided that she wanted her to come back next week in the afternoon to try testing again. Next time I am bringing stuff to keep the kids busy.

We went to Walmart and I got Emma a super cute Ratatouille book. It's a 2nd level reader but I love the story so I went ahead and got it. I don't know why but I LOOOOOVE the movie Ratatouille. And for only $3, who can pass up buying the book?! I can't wait to sell Bare Foot Books!!!!

For dinner I am making beef stew. It was chilly out earlier and I'm sure it will be tonight too and that's beef stew weather! The girl's are going to help me make dinner and some cornbread with honey butter! For dessert we are having apple cobbler and peach cobbler. The cobbler is a generic one....just fruit on the bottom and a yellow cake mix mixed with some Sprite poured on top. But it's good and I want some peaches!!

I had planned on going to storage today to pull out our Halloween decorations and winter clothes but I am sooo tired!! Maybe Sunday. I want to relax on Sunday so today is our cleaning and laundry day. The kids have no choice but to help, especially since my hand is hurt. Plus I want to go to church this Sunday.

I can't wait until November, then Aaron will have a shift lead at his store and I might actually get to see him every now and then! lol He is doing so good and I'm so proud of him...just miss him :(

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