Tuesday, October 2, 2007

made it through the weekend

Whew what an exhausting weekend! I have been dehydrated and not feeling good this weekend, but I feel so much better now. I think that a lot of it was the fact that when I drank soda, I always had one, and I stayed hydrated. Yeah, contrary to popular belief, soda will keep you hydrated, maybe just not as much as good old-fashioned water, but it still will.

So I quit drinking Sunkist 19 days ago and picked up drinking more water. Just now I don't always have one attached to my hand like I did before, so I haven't been getting enough fluids. And we've had a busy schedule and an all day field trip, so I was just pretty worn out.

We were supposed to try out a new church this past Sunday with my new friend Heather I met at Lego group but I was just too tired. She was super cool about it and we look forward to going this Sunday. We have been going to Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound for 9 months but it just wasn't fitting for us anymore. It has grown so much since we started going and it just keeps getting bigger. http://www.valleycreek.org/

A smaller church is more the right fit for us. So we are going to visit Metro Bible Church in Colleyville/Grapevine area. It is a small non-denominational church and we are pretty excited to check it out. The kids are looking forward to being in a smaller Sunday school class and from talking with Heather, they do things more like the First Baptist Church that we were members of in East Texas. Here is the new church we are visiting: http://www.metrobible.org/

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