Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Tie-Dye

I haven't been able to find anything cute for the kid's for 4th of July, so I decided that it would be more fun if the kid's just tie-dyed their own shirts. So I got this kit from Hobby Lobby for $10. It came with red, blue and yellow dyes (plus gloves and rubber bands).

I actually got a great deal on the shirts (50% off) from the manager at Hobby Lobby, so I bought extra's to dye.

The kit came with two pairs of gloves, but I let the girl's use them, so here is what my hand looked like afterwards.

This pic loaded out of order, but here is one of the 4th of July necklaces I made the girl's to wear on Friday.

Here is actually the finished product of the 4th of July shirts. I love them. I have never been a huge fan of tie-dye, but it was fun, not a huge mess (surprisingly) and I think it came out cute. We will definitely be tie-dying stuff in the future.

Here are the kid's today in their blue and yellow shirts. We had a very unsuccessful field trip that I will tell you about later.

The blue didn't take very well on Emma's so we will have to do her's again.

Awww they love each other.

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