Saturday, July 12, 2008

today today

I woke up at 7:30 this morning and that really sucked since I stayed up until 1 am. I am getting too old for this. Anthony had his second to last basketball game today (they lost). After leaving the rec we stopped by the stable where we are having Emma's birthday party to put down a deposit and get it all set up. Emma went totally crazy, she loved being there.

They had all kind's of horses and the lady was so nice and let the kid's pet all of them! There was even a baby horse and it's mama. The mama's name is Moonshine and the baby is Hootch! How funny is that! Emma called for the baby horse and it went right over to her and tried to eat her shirt. I wish I had my camera with me! She also got to lead a horse around by the reign's and feed it.

The people there were awesome. They offer two different types of lessons; English and western. English does the jumps (like you see on tv in competitions) and western has barrel racing, etc. I think that Emma would enjoy the western style better so that is probably what we will be going for when we sign her up for lessons.

After that my mom and I went shopping for Emma some presents. I sure hope she likes Hannah Montana, which I know she does!! lol The cashier saw the Hannah Montana stuff and offered some H.M. 3-D glasses so that the kid's can watch the H.M. Best of Both Worlds concert that the Disney Channel is playing on July 26th (Emma's birthday)...too cool!

Now it's time for bed, I'm exhausted!

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