Friday, July 11, 2008


Guess where we are going on vacation?
The beautiful island of Puerto Rico!!!

Aaron has an employee that works for AA and he is giving us 2 tickets to anywhere in the U.S.A. for free! Apparently he gets so many free a year to give to friends and he really likes Aaron so he told him that he would send us on vacation anytime we want!

Aaron was curious about whether or not the tickets included Puerto Rico and yep they sure do! Bonus....the guy is from Puerto Rico and offered his family's home for us to stay in for free! His mother lives there and he said that he has sent friends over to her before and she loves visitors. He said that she loves to cook for people...heck yeah! I know, it's seems a bit strange, but who the heck cares?!?! Puerto Rico!

I'm pushing to go in early September for our 7th wedding anniversary. Can't think of a better anniversary trip than that! I can't wait. Man oh man are we lucky sometimes!

Check out this tourism's only 2 minutes long but it shows all kind's of places on the island.

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