Saturday, July 5, 2008

manicures and pedicures

Every now and then the girl's and I have our own little spa party and get manicures and pedicures. We do it at home because it's cheap and the girl's are easy to please.

They aren't allowed to have color polish on their hands because it looks so tacky when it starts chipping, and everytime I have to explain it to them because they desperately want color. It does help that I don't wear color on my nails either and of course they want to be like mommy.

Here are Emma's nails. Nice clear coat with a pretty pink color that has a rhinestone in the center.
And her toes. Normally they wouldn't be allowed red, but since it's the 4th, I let them be patriotic. See the pretty flowers. I love the mini rhinestones in the center, too cute.

Sara's long nails. Ever since she was 2, she hasn't let me cut her nails short. She says she can't stratch if I do. Whatever. (can you tell that irritates me)
And she has the same toes as Emma. Too bad they wore crocs and nobody could see them. lol

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