Thursday, July 17, 2008

Six Flag's

At Aaron's Cowboy Kick-Off party the other day they gave all of the manager's free tickets to Six Flag's so we took the kid's yesterday. We met up with Aaron's friend Reza, his girlfriend Liz and Reza's little brother David. By the way, thanks Reza for picking the HOTEST day of the freaking year!! I thought I was gonna die it was so humid!

Here is me and Aaron before we left the house.

Sara went back and waited for Aaron in the parking lot so she could walk with him.

I dont know why Anthony has to be so goofy in pics!

So we went on Runaway Mountain which is completely in the dark. There was a mix-up about where Anthony and Sara were (they didn't ride and you have to get off at a different place than where you get on, so we had to figure out how to get back to them). So as Aaron went back up the stairs at the exit, he hit his foot on something and it sliced off part of his toe! Here it is (with his claw toenails) at the First Aid Station.

The slice of skin is huge! It's pretty much dried blood on his toe except for the bottom right, that is where he cut it.

Sara waiting patiently. And did we leave and go home after this? Of course not! lol

Sara had a meltdown and this is the gummy octopus that rescued us from it.

You can kind of see Reza and Liz in the back there.

The girl's loved the water play area.

Here is Emma with her Supergirl cape. Both girl's got the exact same one, but only Emma would pose for a picture for me.

The really cool part of yesterday was that we still have our tickets! When we went into the park, Aaron tried to give the lady our tickets and for whatever reason she said she didn't want them. We were like, okay sure! So we still have our 6 tickets. Reza has 2 extra tickets so we plan on the 8 of us going back for either Fright Fest or Holiday in the Park.

They have this souvenir cup that is $12.99 but you get to get free refills all day long. I think that cup saved us, it was so hot! But we had to drink Hi-C all day because it was for fountain drinks and I don't drink soda.

I have a couple of favorite moments of the day....

1. Sara riding the Tony Hawk Big Spin coaster. Once it took it's first big dip and started spinning, the terrified look on her face was priceless. That sounds mean doesn't it? It was hilarious! Aaron and I sat across from the girls and laughed the entire ride.

2. Reza saying all day that he didn't want to get wet or go on any water rides. Then we went on the Roaring Rapids and he sat next to Emma and both of them got totally soaked! Reza was mad, but it was too funny.

3. Riding the 3-D moon ride and Sara asking "is this real"? She thought we were really flying to the moon. So cute.

4. Sitting right behind Reza on the Mr. Freeze and screaming my head off the entire time! lol

5. Reza convincing David and Anthony that Batman wasn't a scary ride...hehehe Whatever!! That is the scariest ride in the whole park!

6. Aaron and Reza taking the kid's on the teacup ride and spinning themselves dizzier than the kid's!

Here is the video....don't watch it if you get dizzy from this kind of stuff!

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