Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dallas Cowboy's Hair Bow

This morning I learned a new way to fold hair bows. I have seen this style on other people's bows and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't make them like that. Well not anymore! lol

I bought grey ribbon quite awhile ago to use in a Dallas Cowboy's hair bow and I finally put it to use today. I attached some football themed buttons and made a huge bow!

My only regret is that I put blue spike's sticking up on the top and bottom instead of grey ones. It would have been a better contrast that way. But that is the only thing I would change about this bow.

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Amanda said...

Hey! your bows are so cute! my friend and I are making bows for our girls and were wondering where you got your ribbon and football buttons. Our husbands are high school football coaches, so we make bows in the school's colors. We want to attach footballs but can't find them. Thanks for your help! My blog is