Sunday, July 20, 2008

cowboy in the yard

So right after I posted the blog about the Crayon roll I stepped outside onto my porch and what do I see? People riding horses down the street. This is actually a pretty common occurance. We live in Watauga and it is a little town that still has a decent amount of country around it.

The funny thing is, these people are from the Coyote Creek Equestrian Center where Emma is having her birthday. I know this because I've spoken to them a few times when they ride by. Especially this gentleman. He is so super nice and when he saw the girl's come outside, he crossed the street and came over so the girl's could pet the horse.

How often can you say you had someone ride a horse up into your yard? lol

This horse was huge! He said that it was a wild mustang. Absolutely beautiful. Emma told him that her party was going to be at Coyote Creek and he told her that he would see her there.

He also had a little dog riding in his lap and let the girl's pet her too.

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Anonymous said...

I know how much Emma loved seeing the horse up close - she is going to have so much fun at her Birthday party riding horses - so will all the kids - who has a Birthday party & get to rides horses - how KOOL is that!