Wednesday, June 25, 2008

another day at VBS

Here is Sara making improvements on my birthday card. Or as she says it, "Burpday card"....what's funny is that she is making me a birthday card and she doesn't even know that my birthday is in 2 weeks. Yep, I'm gonna be 32. Oh joy.
Here is my gappy toothed, slanty eyed girl Emma. She gets the slanty eyes from me...horrible curse. lol
Lounging, watching Diego.
Emma showing her VBS homework and Sara's puppy.
This is Sara realizing that Emma has her puppy.
Now happy that she has her puppy back, she's holding her homework and my Burpday card.
I totally stalked her this morning and followed her around. She looks so cute in her piggy tail bows, how could I resist?
Cute pic with the exception of all of the water (from brushing her teeth) all over her shirt. Oh well.
On the way out the door. All of the kid's took one stuffed animal to VBS. Kyle ditched his as soon as we got there, so it came back home with me.
I really like the church the kid's have been going to this week. When I went to pick the kid's up yesterday I asked the elderly man holding the door some questions about what kind of church it was. It's a bible church (Bear Creek Bible Church), Baptist based. That's cool with me, we are Baptist.

He was a really nice man, 76 years old and volunteering to help with VBS. And he remembered my name this morning. He gave me a visitor packet yesterday and even introduced me to the pastor's wife who was super nice and fun to talk to.

It's a smaller church too, so the kid's feel more at home. The church we had been going to was a nice church, but really large and the kid's felt a little lost there. I don't think they will have that problem here....this church reminds me of our first church in East Texas....which I greatly miss. I knew everybody there and I miss hanging out with all of the ladies.

Anyways, just thought I would share that I think we found a church home. I will have a better feel for it after we attend services on Sunday....I'll let ya know.

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Shelly said...

So Ashley and Kyle's VBS homework is in the car. I saw it there as soon as I pulled into work this morning!!! lol