Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Tomorrow the girl's start vacation bible school at a church up the street. The theme is Outrigger's Island and they will go all week from 9am-noon. It actually started this evening but Aaron took the car to work with him so I had no way of taking them.

Tomorrow is also the first day that I will be watching my friend Shelly's kid's. I signed her kid's up too, so it will just be me and Anthony until lunchtime.

I have to say that the kid's are excited that Ashley and Kyle will be here all summer. What they don't realize is how early they have to get up and how exhausted they are going to be. This is gonna be a fun week with all of that crankiness!! I mean me too.

I already told Shelly to warn her kid's that I will be cranky. I'm used to staying up until at least 2 am and sleeping as late as I want (usually 9 or 10). Lazy I know...but I get my crap done so who cares. I also told her that my kid's had to get up when her kid's got here because I wasn't going to entertain her kids, my kid's are going to entertain her kid's. Ahh how well the system works.


Shelly said...

So did the kids like it?

Cortni said...

They loved it! Kyle is wearing a little lei that they made and he said that he has a good time!