Monday, June 9, 2008

New poll

Okay, so I have been playing around with all of the features Blogger offers for you to mess with on your blog and I decided to add a poll. It's right there -------------->

So tell me what it is that you like to do during summer. You only get to answer once, so make your choice wisely :)

I already voted...can you guess which one I picked? lol


Shelly said...

um let me guess, since I'm the only one that has voted I'm gonna guess you picked stay indoors away from the heat! Did I get it right?

Cortni said...

YES!! And if my mom voted, she would have picked the same one as me!! But I was hot when I voted, otherwise I probably would have picked hanging out with friends...but only me and you voted so I think I might be down to 3 readers