Sunday, June 8, 2008

NEW Layout!!!

As you can see, I have a new layout for my blog. As much as I loved my old one (it matches my MySpace page), it was dark and it's summer and I wanted something lighter. And funky. I think I accomplished my goal. The colors are so beautiful together!

I have been dying to find a template that had three columns. I love blogs that have three columns!! I will definitely be adding more stuff to the sides as time goes on.

For some reason, I really want my blog to be something that people enjoy reading. Something that they look forward to coming to every day.

And I want more people to visit (than just the 4). If you are new to my blog, or old and haven't introduced yourself...please do, it's lonely out here in blog world and I need some dang friends!

I guess I should start having more interesting topics to blog about...hmmmmm. I will try, but I want this to be fun and natural, so no promises.

This is the blog I got my template from. Her work is so awesome, I want to share it with everyone. Just don't pick the bird one like mine...there's no fun in that...and I don't like to share ;)

But I do like comments...hint hint wink wink

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