Tuesday, June 24, 2008

movie and popcorn

I rented the kid's the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles. I even made them cute little popcorn bags with stickers and their names written on them. Anthony made a pallet on the floor and they all layed together in a row eating their popcorn ready to watch the movie. I took some really cute pics of them all together.

Then after the movie I sat down to load the pics up to the computer. My memory card wasn't in the camera. Nice. All of the pictures are saved to the internal memory of my camera and I have no way to get them out. Smooth.


Shelly said...

Do you not have a cable to connect it to the computer???

Cortni said...

somewhere....I've had this camera for like 2 years and I've never loaded pics that way, so there is no telling what box they may be in.