Thursday, June 26, 2008

horsey necklace and love bugs

After lunch, instead of watching a movie, we did some arts and crafts. Sara made herself a horsey necklace out of foam, foam stickers, beads and elastic. It was pretty much the same as when Emma made her Girl Scout swaps, but instead of attaching a pin, Sara used some elastic and added beads.

Lots and lots of foam cowgirl stickers.

I thought it was cute that she seperated the colors into two's. One for each side of the elastic.

All finished! Isn't it cute?! And she did it all by herself.

Next up was making some love bugs. Pretty much they are hearts with eyes, attached to a clothespin that has a magnetic strip on the back. They are basically magnets for the fridge that can hold papers in the clip.

I need to get some glue dots. I hate Elmer's glue, it is so darn messy!!!

Sara put hers to dry on the tuna can I used to make her horsey circle.

Emma eventually decided she wanted to make a love bug too.

Here is Emma's love bug.

Sara made two love bugs.

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