Saturday, June 28, 2008

Emma's Toad

Emma found a toad yesterday over at her friend Lindsey's house. Emma loves things like that. Frogs, fireflies, ladybug's, grasshopper's. She is not my child, she is Aaron's.

It's a Fowler's Toad. And toad's have warts, so we set him free. Thank goodness, I hate thing's that jump at me.


franobem said...

for some reason I thought the toad would be really really small - that thing is huge - we gotta teach that girl to as scared of slimmy things as we are

Shelly said...

So Ashley caught a toad about 3 days ago her name was ( yes I said was) Bella.The first day it was late so she just named her toad and made it a box home. The second day Ashley gave Bella baths in the barbie swiming pool, took her for walks out side with a homemade leash made of string and Bella even got to take ride on the fan blades. But as Ashley says oh no Bella jumped off her ride. Ashley even caught Bella her food, a June Bug (eeeew). The third day she thought it would be nice to let Bella sit in the sun and take a nap(yes she was still alive). Well Bella sat in the sun and (was very tired) Ashley thought that would be enough time for Bella to be outside, Well Bella isn't with us anymore. Now Bella is up in a tree cause it is closer to Heaven. Poor Bella lived such a stressful live in a 7 year old hands.

Cortni said...

That is funny!